What you're in for...(with CG previews)

What could you expect from the Bastian Route?

If you choose to rely on the brash, inconsiderate and undeniably charismatic bartender, you may get close to the underworld that thrives in the city. In a place where big corporations dictate the game and money is the only language that matters, you will taste life outside the pristine walls of Dollhouse. You might reach the half-hidden underbelly of society, brimming with various agents fighting for their piece of the pie.

You’ll have a chance to get acquainted with life Bastian has built for himself, understand his motivations and learn how he ended up in possession of the strange device that fateful night at Dollhouse. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to get him to truly trust you and stand together, as a true team, against shadowy forces that set all this in motion.

That is, if you can first get past his showing off or trying to boss you around. And Bastian isn’t really too familiar with biots, so be careful not to freak him out too much if you want to get to know him!

(CG preview from Bastian's route)

What Terrance’s route could bring...

If you select Terrance, you might get dangerously close to the Guiding Light Corporation, explore in more detail the concept of biots and the ethical implications of their creation. You’ll have the opportunity to peek into the life of an exemplary corporate employee with a rigid routine and a demanding schedule... and possibly shake things up quite a bit. 

In this route you’ll get to know the perfect gentleman who knows the right thing to say, any time of day, for any occasion; and appears to always think things through, and have a plan ready. Is he even human? You’ll find out what drives him and keeps him going. Hint: it’s not the office parties, his corporate spending account, nor his prestigious condo on the 20th floor. Would you try to get close once you know more about him?

Most importantly, can he really be trusted? Will the GL employee actually help Unit 532 get back to his pre-accident state? What is Terrance’s interest with our protagonist and why would he invite him in his own home? Why does he act so protective, all the while adamantly keeping professional distance?

(CG preview from Terrance's route)


And how likely, or even inevitable, is that the paths of all the characters might intertwine again?

Whatever path you choose, you will be in for an exciting story. 

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