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Below you'll find a CG preview from Terrances’ route. 

Terrance presents as an all-important, business-like, flawless gentleman... but he doesn’t wake up looking like that. It all starts with a refreshing and steamy shower! So please enjoy this vulnerable moment of him in his birthday suit. :) Some of you may have already seen snippets of this CG preview on our Twitter channel, but this is the complete version. 

Fun Fact #1

SL will feature at least 4 backgrounds of a bathroom (or a room!) with a shower (2 of which are already completed by our background artist, Jupalour). 

Fun Fact #2

5 scenes will take place in the shower, but not all of them will be intimate. *insert smirk here*

Fun Fact #3

We really love showers! (Can you tell?)

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