New Demo + Kickstarter LIVE

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Two major pieces of news for your today.
ONE: a completely new version of the demo redone in a different engine.
TWO: We're LIVE on Kickstarter. 

When the demo was first released some people experienced some technical issues such as lag, or saves not working, settings panel a tad off so we put our heads together and decided we need to take care of this. All it took (yeah, right) was switching engines. So now we're fully on Renpy and running smoothly. The settings are all fixed up, so is the log. You also now have a nifty feature of Rollback (to replay those hilarious voice over lines!) and hiding the interface to fully take in the beauty of those smexy CGs is now done with an "H" button.
The demo is now also available for PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac!

Which brings me to the next point... (kind of a big deal)


Which means if you liked the demo, please consider supporting us!
The whole team has been working really hard on the demo, and we would really love to make the full game for you. With the juicy sci-fi, the juicy story, the juicy smexy times...well the juicy-everything. Did I mention this stuff is juicy? Yeah. Okay!
In any case, if you haven't already check out the demo and we got some sweet rewards for you on Kickstarter too!



Synthetic Lover Demo for Mac 275 MB
Jun 11, 2019
Synthetic Lover Demo for PC 292 MB
Jun 11, 2019

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